Primeiras impressões de Malu Cotidiano Alterado 1

Adriano Moraes
12 de maio ·

My old buddy, José Aguiar in Brazil, just started his surrealistic webcomic Malu: Cotidiano Alterado which is full silent so no language barrier for English speaking people ( so far at least ).
Whoever wants to check it out his artwork is a mix of a wide range of different influences from Brazilian cartoonists like Flavio Colin and Laerte to names more well known to an American audience like Jack Kirby, I see a slight Manga influence, a bit of cubism and whatever else he decides to put there.
His character, Malu, is a sensible teenager often dealing with issues of family, school, and dating in an environment full of douchebags with the understanding and sensibility of a manure truck.

5 out of 5 adrianos